body psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy as the art of overcoming suffering

I am a certified psycho-somatotherapist (Greek psyche – soul, soma – body), a graduate of L’École Européenne de Psychothérapie Socio- & Somato-Analytique EEPSSA in Strasbourg Working on myself has allowed me to look deep into my own psyche and soma. Therapeutic practice has given me the opportunity to look into the internal life of others, to support and accompany them in their work on themselves. My approach to therapy is called integrative and eclectic.

The human psyche and soma are closely connected. Unfortunately, this unity is too often violated or even interrupted. Therefore, I help to restore it. Work with the body is a tool for solving the conflict that a human is struggling with. My task is not to remove feelings and emotions, but to intensify them. In today’s world, people are taught how to deny true feelings and control their manifestation in the form of emotions. It is necessary to realise that denying feelings is denying one’s true self. It can lead to narcissistic disorders of personality and psychosomatic diseases of the body.

I provoke the revealing of emotions, then I help people to realise their cause. I use and combine various methods of psycho-somatotherapy, commonly called body psychotherapy: work with body and voice, somato-artetherapy, sensory sensitisation, primary expression and bioenergetics. I also gladly and effectively use somatoanalysis and eco-somatoanalysis. I combine various therapeutic techniques, taking into account the complexity and multiculturalism of the contemporary society. My approach to therapy is called integrative and eclectic.